An artist who makes masks from his meals and then eats them.


Foodmasku is a pun in two languages. In Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese, mas – ku can mean my brother, my friend, or even my lover in the right context.

The Foodmasku Instagram account started in April 2020, after a colleague couldn’t turn off a filter that made her look like a pickle. Foodmasku took his dinner, placed it on his face and said, “Hey, I have a filter on as well!” He heard laughter for the first time in a month.

selected media coverage

Artnet, September 2022

The Instagram-Favorite Artist Who Makes Masks Out of Food Is the Star of a New Show About the Intersection of Art and Cuisine

Sept. 8, 2022 – The artist Antonius Oki Wiriadjaja, also known as Foodmasku, will also lead a performance at Brooklyn’s Invisible Dog Art Center.

selected media coverage

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, December 2020

Why this N.Y. artist is spending the pandemic turning his meals into face masks

Dec. 4, 2020 – ‘Once I finish, I take it off and eat it,’ says Antonius Wiriadjaja of his Instagram project Foodmasku


“As a member of the Board of Directors for Henry Street Settlement, we are grateful to Antonius for pioneering the idea of fundraising through a new and exciting revenue source.”

Teddy Liouliakis, Board member
Henry Street Settlement



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